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4 Tricks for Turning Your Tiny Home Into a Mini MoMA

4 Tricks for Turning Your Tiny Home Into a Mini MoMA

Step into most art galleries or museums and what do you see? Lots and lots of space, just waiting to be devoted to art. Your average home? Not so much. Such is the dilemma facing burgeoning collectors everywhere, who don’t want to buy art they don’t have space to display, or don’t know how to best showcase the art they have. We’re here to help. Here are four tricks that will help transform even the most space-deprived apartment into a wondrous kunsthalle. 

1. The Coffee Table Is Your Sculpture Garden

lichtensteinRoy Lichtenstein's Landscape Mobile (Limoges), available on Artspace (if rather pricey)

That piece of living-room furniture you keep hitting your shin on doesn’t need to be covered with magazines and stray remotes—it can be a plinth! Here is a broad range of tabletop sculptures that can bring drama and dynamism to the center of your house.

2. Give Your Books Some Arty New Friends

torreanoJohn Torreano's Bookends, available on Artspace

Bookshelves are great places to gaze upon presidential biographies, masterworks of fiction, and other noble literary triumphs that you bought on Amazon in short-lived midnight fits of ambition. Or they can be sites for artworks that reward (and challenge) your eye in the instant it takes to look at them, like these pieces that range from sculptures and works on paper to design objects and artist’s books.

3. Use Your TV as a Frame

weissFischli/Weiss's The Way Things Go, available on Artspace

Nowadays artists are making thrilling new new media works that don’t break free of traditional art templates. Luckily they fit very nicely in a traditional device you already have: the TV. Here are some artworks that will turn your screen into a spare gallery.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Surrender to the Couch

brackensDiedrick Brackens's sleep don't come easy, available on Artspace

Sure, sticking a grabby painting behind your couch is the supreme cliché—because, cough, it works so well. Then again, it doesn’t just have to be a painting. At all. Here are pieces across various media that would looks sensational behind even the most tattered leather warhorse. 


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