Artist to Watch

9 Artists to Watch This August

9 Artists to Watch This August
The artist Laura Lima

Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, Aug. 2 – Oct. 18

Back around the turn of the millennium, Andreas Gurky’s photography was inescapable. His large-scale, detail-rich prints were perfectly aligned with the then-encroaching forces of globalization and digitalization.  A decade and a half on, “Andreas Gursky: Landscapes” takes a different, more art-historical approach— relating Gursky’s photographs of both natural and man-made environments to movements such as German Romanticism and the Hudson River School. It includes about 20 works dating from the 1980s to the present; not all of them are super-sized.

Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Aug. 1 – Oct. 25

Danh Vo has been making headlines for his feud with the Dutch collector Bert Kreuk, who sued him for failing to deliver an artwork and received an arch installation proposal in response. In the midst of all the commotion, the artist has been quietly preparing for a solo at the Museum Ludwig. Centering on his fragmentary-Statue-of-Liberty installation We the People, which was the subject of a Public Art Fund show in New York last summer, the exhibition also includes a “dialogue” between Vo and the late photographer Peter Hujar.

Seattle Art Fair, July 30 - Aug. 2

The sci-fi-obsessed artist Micah Ganske, a Yale-trained painter who has branched out into new technologies such as 3D printing, will be in his element at the Seattle Art Fair. His Ocular EVA Pod, a 3D-printed sculpture of an airplane cockpit equipped with virtual-reality headsets, is being shown in the fair’s Creative Lab section at the booth of 101/Exhibit. He’ll also be collaborating with re:3D, the makers of the Gigabot 3D printer, on a limited-edition object to be produced during the event.

Derek Eller Gallery's L.A. Pop-Up, August 8-16

A darling of emerging-art collectors and tastemakers like the Horts, the Greek-born painter Despina Stokou makes spunkily exuberant canvases that look terrific even as they freely betray their evident influences: the messy, street-inflected dynamism of Basquiat, the chicken-scratched scrawls of Twombly, the porn addictions of Richard Prince. Is she the next Murillo (or Mehretu) in the making? See this month when Derek Eller Gallery features the artist in a pop-up show out in her Los Angeles stomping grounds, presenting her alongside Peter Shire.

Galeria Luisa Strina, August 5-September 19

The Brazilian multimedia artist Laura Lima specializes in what might be best described as sculptural props for performance. She’s made costumes for chickens, tied a drugged woman to a gallery wall, and rolled cigars into abstract geometric shapes. Her productions are not the loud and wacky affairs one might associate with the phrase “performance art,” but rather subtle actions and interventions grounded in the objects she makes. Her exhibition “Ágrafo” (meaning “what is not written”) in São Paulo’s Galeria Luisa Strina will feature rope-wrapped objects that have been presented to a group of cats, whose bites and scratches become part of the piece.

Postmasters’s “Glorious Twelfth,” August 12

The New York-based artist Hugh Hayden has built a following for his intriguing taxidermy-related artworks, as well as his high-concept dinner parties (one of which was devoted to spherical foods). Now these twin interests are being united in Hayden’s most ambitious project to date: an August 12 event at Postmasters that will feature the New York premiere of his transportingly quirky short film “Hugh the Hunter” (directed by Zachary Heinzerling) as well as something the announcement describes as a “multi-sensory experience including a sculptural ‘chicken n' waffles’ remix of a classic Scottish dish made in collaboration with the culinary talents of Ghetto Gastro and wild game birds from D'artagnan.”

Fondazione Nicolas Trussardi’s “The Great Mother," August 8-November 15

Louise Bourgeois’s sculptures are, quite simply, some of the most influential and iconic of the 20th century. A contemporary of Pollock and de Kooning and a pioneer of what has been called “confessional art,” she imbued her spindly sculptures with a rare emotional intensity and a searching psychoanalytical sense of purpose. A selection of her work will be on view in Milan’s Palazzo Reale as part of “Le Grande Madre” (The Great Mother) exhibition, curated by Massimiliano Gioni and featuring works from more than 125 international artists ranging from Max Ernst to Marlene Dumas

The Grecian Shelter in Prospect Park, August 2

Best known for his delicate oil portraits of troubled or otherwise distant young men, the Canadian painter Paul P. is turning over a new leaf for the one-day exhibition "Perennial," happening August 2nd at the Grecian Shelter in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. The show, organized by More Art and curated by Karen Azoulay, features works by eleven artists who use the Victorian technique of floriography, in which messages are encoded into flower arrangements and translated using a specialized “floral dictionary.”

Fondazione Nicolas Trussardi’s “The Great Mother," August 8-November 15

Famous for her monochrome or Op Art “paintings” made from knitted wool and other distaff materials, Rosemarie Trockel often tackles themes of appropriation from a feminist stance—but her work is far richer and stranger, as admirers of her 2012 New Museum show can attest. Her womanhood, however, is once again framing her work this summer, when she has been included in this month’s “The Great Mother” show at the Fondazione Nicolas Trussardi in Milan as well as the more eyebrow-raisingly titled “Desperate Housewives? Women Artists Clean House," at the Museum Kulturspeicher Wurzburg through September.


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