Are You an NYC Art-World Insider? Take This Frieze Art Fair Quiz

Are You an NYC Art-World Insider? Take This Frieze Art Fair Quiz
A Paul McCarthy Balloon Dog at the Frieze NYC Art Fair

The Frieze NYC Art Fair is on this weekend, something of the Easter parade of the art world. (Did you get your hair done? Did you get your eyes done?) ‘Everyone’ is out in force to enjoy and impress.

But are you really an insider? Do you know your New York art world? 

Here, a quiz:

1. Navigating the crowds at Frieze, you are most likely to realize you: 

A) Can’t remember someone’s name but know you really like them.
B) Can’t remember someone’s name but know they are really mad at you.
C) Can’t remember someone’s name but know you shared a hookah with them at Art Dubai.

2. The people wearing sunglasses indoors and leather jackets in May are:

A) Dressing en homage to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s punk fashion show.
B) Clearly art-world insiders.
C) Hungover and sweaty.

3. You viewed the art-market’s last significant downturn as:

A) An historical footnote.
B) A setback that prompted you to close your gallery and open an alternative space in Williamsburg.
C) A chance to get Cindy Shermans cheap.

4. You brag you knew Jeffrey Deitch:
A) Before Kehinde.
B) Before Damien.
C) At Wesleyan.

5. If you think Gogo and Sean Kelly invented the art world and all contemporary-art curators are German, you are a newbie.  Match the name with how they changed the New York art scene:

A) Andre Emmerich         1. Founded the New Museum
B) Arne Glimcher             2. Snitched to Feds about auction price-fixing
C) Ivan Karp                    3. Did one of the earliest performance artworks
D) John Cage                  4. Prompted Rauschenberg to move in with Johns
E) Marcia Tucker             5. First showed Hockney, Frankenthaler, Noland
F) Chris Davidge             6. Credited by some with ‘discovering’ Warhol
G) Yoko Ono                   7. Founder of Pace; Marc's dad

7. You been invited to the opening of the Met's contemporary photo show. At the main entrance, you:

A) Are lost. The only show there you went to this decade was Alexander McQueen.
B) Go up the stairs, turn left.
C) Head to the Petrie Court reception first because you know they run low on salmon quickly. 

8. At Frieze, you are most likely to be spotted carrying:

A) An ArtTactic art-investment report.
B) Art in America.
C) Peter Brant’s checkbook.

9. You know what aging '80s art is going to be in Sotheby’s day sale because:

A) Client services leaks you info.
B) You’re an artist selling your own work under the pseudonym “Property of a Lady.”
C) You just saw it on the walls of the Core Club.

10. The Dia Art Foundation maintains a unique installation by Walter De Maria in SoHo. It is a room filled with:

A) Balloons.
B) Phalluses.
C) Dirt.

11. Match the eatery with the power player most likely to be spotted there:

A) Casa Lever                    1.Barbara Gladstone
B) Sant Ambroeus             2. Larry Gagosian
C) Bottino                          3. Aby Rosen
D) Cipriani                         4. David Nahmad

12. At Frieze’s secret speakeasy, a prominent museum curator gives you a “moving hello,” i.e. greets you but continues walking. You should:

A) Slide swiftly through the crowd to continue the conversation.
B) Raise your champagne glass in salute and nod.
C) Get a life if this nonsense obsesses you.


Multiple choice: Five points for every C, four for B, three for A. 

Matches: Five points for each correct answer

Matches #6: A-5, B-7, C-6, D-4, E-1, F-2, G-3

Matches #11: A-3, B-2, C-1, D-4

At right find works from our Frieze NYC Art Fair 2013 collection.


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