Sanford Biggers

Sanford Biggers uses installation, film and video, and performance to create artworks that fuse a diverse range of cultural symbols, histories, and customs to suggest a spiritual and symbolic interconnectedness that transcends our differences. Biggers' work is known for its combination of meditative rigor and improvisatory edge, resulting in multilayered compositions that draw from the Buddhist idea of "both/and," hip-hop culture, constellations, Afrofuturism, slave quilts, Jazz, and mandalas. Despite his use of disparate themes, Biggers manages to seamlessly combine them into works of beauty and grace.

Biggers' work first received critical attention for his collaborative work in the Freestyle exhibition at the Studio Museum in Harlem in 2001, which was followed by his inclusion in the Whitney Biennial in 2002. Since then, his work has been shown across the US and internationally.



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