What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Art?

What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Art?
Image: Silkscreen by animalsleep on Etsy

Whether or not you believe in the power of astrology, nobody dislikes reading about themselves. Here we've applied the art of astrology to art itself, suggesting how you might fare as an artist in the art world and all the drama that surrounds it. Read your horoscope below, and the next time you miss a deadline, blow off a curator, or burn out in the studio, just blame it on your sign.

March 21 - April 19

Aries, you already know—you’re the ram, the boss, the ultimate leader. You’re not afraid to take charge and spearhead a complicated project, your relentless energy and intuition being your greatest guide. Some may call you cavalier, or even psycho, but you know that it takes a strong will and determination to get the job done! You could learn from these detractors, though, and work on your patience and your infamous short fuse. Look towards fellow Aries Matthew Barney (March 25) for guidance—it took him eight years to complete his opus The Cremaster Cycle. You may want to work diligently and push others to match your momentum, but Aries, some things just take a long, long time. 

April 20 - May 20

Like a bull charging towards its prey, you’re happy to keep your head down and forge ahead until the job gets done. Unlike a bull, however, you prefer the comforts of home and the soft sounds of spa music. It’s no surprise, then, that James Turrell (May 6) is a Taurus—he’s known for creating soothing spaces whose lighting reflects the most calming colors. This is precisely the kind of work you can bring to the world, Taurus. Focus on making art that communicates the serenity you desire, an artwork that allows the audience to take a break from their fast-paced lives and their gleaming phone screen. You have the focus and determination to see your work develop from beginning to end. Just don’t feel pressured to make something brash and busy—it’s not your style!

May 21 - June 20

Gemini, the social butterfly, is a perfect art-world sign. After all, you’re the life of the party! You feel totally comfortable schmoozing at an opening or talking to exhausted booth attendants at an art fair. Your chitchat is often welcomed, because you’re actually invested in what the other person has to say. You’re on an endless quest for information, Gemini, and will ask anyone around for their opinion or about their area of expertise. It’s no surprise than Hans Ulrich Obrist (May 24), a star curator who somehow knows everyone and is everywhere at once, is also a Gemini! Your problem, however, is your lack of focus and follow-through. You’ve made all these connections, but what do you have to show for it? You’re either the kind of artist who can’t be bothered to clock in the hours at the studio, or you’re super-productive and have a new body of wildly different work every week! Maybe the person you should be most in communication with is yourself, Gemini, to figure out what work you truly want to make. 

June 21 - July 22

Tracey Emin (July 3), who rose to prominence with the Young British Artists of the 1990s, is known for her work that is deeply personal and starkly confessional—with Alex Greenberger noting that “privacy is non-existent in Tracey Emin’s universe.” Such soul bearing, heart-on-your-sleeve work is your bread and butter, Cancer. You’re ruled by your emotions, and can often fall deep into despair. You know you need to be in better control of your moods—but maybe you should hold off for a minute and direct that despair into your studio practice. Use your complex emotions to drive you. Don’t be afraid to make something overwrought or too revealing; you can always pull back later on. Most of the signs on this list, Cancer, are too afraid to truly explore their emotional side. For your art practice, at least, see this as your strength and not your weakness. 

July 23 - August 22

If you’re a Leo, and you want to be a famous artist, well… you’re probably not even reading this article. In case you are though, sit back and relax. Those born under the Leo sun were meant to be artists (but don’t tell that to a Capricorn!). You love to be the center of attention, the brightest star in the group show, and the most electric presence at the opening. You are incredibly talented, and everyone around you knows it—even if they only breeze past you on the streets of Chelsea. Marcel Duchamp (July 28), Andy Warhol (August 6), William Eggleston (July 27)…the list of successful Leo artists would be longer than this entire article, okay! Sure, you’re a little too cocky at times, but, like, whatever. You’ll be fine, you lucky dog. Stop rubbing it in to the other sign’s faces. We don’t appreciate it.

August 23 - September 22

You’re a perfectionist, which in the art world is an incredibly useful trait. You could be a great artist’s assistant or gallery manager, since you believe in completing tasks efficiently and, most importantly, doing them right the first time around. Your critical eye is perfect for spotting a stray streak of paint or a miscalculated shipping quote. When it comes to your own practice, though, you have to learn to let go a little bit. You tend to be too picky and too worrisome, Virgo. Remind yourself that studio time is your time to play around! Make a mess on the floor, mix your paint into unconventional colors, or use a material you don’t initially admire. You might be surprised with the results. For instance, fellow Virgo Christian Boltanski (September 6) used biscuit tins in his sculptures, and would pee on them to make them rust. “I was using so many boxes I couldn’t do this any more,” he said, “so I started using Coca-Cola to rust them.” Huzzah! Who could have predicted that? Open your mind (and your studio practice), Virgo. Live a little!

September 23-October 22

Among Friends, Robert Rauschenberg’s (October 22) recent retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, revolved around the creative community that surrounded and influenced the illustrious artist. Eye-opening for sure, but the exhibition should come as no surprise. Libras thrive on partnership and collaboration, and Rauschenberg is a prime example. Like Rauschenberg, Libra, you’re excellent at striking a balance between big personalities. Your calm and measured demeanor is welcomed in the art world, and you should focus on finding those in your community you can truly connect to and collaborate with. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a distinct viewpoint, Libra. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You bring out the best in people and, in turn, other people bring out the best in you. 

October 23 - November 21

You’re a great artist, Scorpio, because you’re passionate, dedicated, and not afraid to go deep. You go to every opening and after party, but you don’t waste time with small talk—you want to know how someone’s really doing. And if they aren’t game to divulge themselves to you, well, you’re not afraid to get up and go! You’re also incredibly sensual, and your work reflects it. Think about Robert Mapplethorpe (November 4) whose erotic imagery is so aesthetically beautiful it transcends any language I could use to describe it. You’ve got a lot going for you, Scorpio, but you need to work on withholding your stinger. You can’t lash out, or hold a grudge, when you’re excluded from a group show or when a fellow artist doesn’t say hello to you at an opening. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up being the Bitter Betty who spends their day lambasting the art world and wailing about how they almost made it to the top. You’ve got what it takes, Scorpio, as long as you become a tad more forgiving. 

November 22 - December 21

When Marina Abramovic met her long time lover and collaborator Ulay, she was shocked to discover the two shared the same birthday (November 30). Spooky for any sign, the shared birthday is incredibly meaningful for the wandering Sagittarius. They are used to navigating the world alone, and revel in their independence. Your practice, Sagittarius, reflects this mindset. You prize self-expression above all else, and don’t desire to answer to anyone else. Your work is the product of a singular vision that you fully stand behind, criticism be damned. My only advice? Surround yourself with people who support you and institutions that won’t try to pigeonhole your work or your spirit. If you don’t, Sagittarius, I know it won’t end well. 

December 22 - January 19

If you’re hoping to read something like “a Capricorn’s determination and natural leadership skills will help become a bona fide art star,” keep on moving. Let’s be real Capricorn. You are incredibly driven, and that’s admirable. You will allow nothing to distract you from becoming the next Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22) or the next Cindy Sherman (January 19). You need to be careful, though. You’re not afraid to cause some trouble, or make some enemies along the way—and that is not a good look. The lowly curator you continuously blow off? She might be spearheading MoMA one day. The artist you aggressively argued with a few weeks ago? Yeah, he’s the head preparator at the well-paying gallery you just applied to work for. Keep doing you, Capricorn, but remember to not let your stubbornness and fiercely competitive spirit sabotage your future opportunities. 

January 20 - February 18

Aquarius, you’re the kind of artist whose work hopes to change the status quo. While most artists are inward looking, you’re more preoccupied with the world around you—and, specifically, how to make it better. Barbara Kruger (January 26) is a perfect example, her bold critiques of capitalism and stereotypical gender roles stop the audience in their tracks. Also, you’re remarkably intelligent, leaving your work and process to be more cerebral than most. Some viewers may not understand your art, but that’s not your goal. You’re focused on the larger picture of the whole society, not the few naysayers that hide behind the bushes. 

February 19 - March 20

Pisces, come in close for a hug. You’re compassionate, sensitive, and, honestly, too special for this big, scary world. Your head is oftentimes stuck in the clouds, as a way to avoid your lived experiences, and it’s totally understandable. Perhaps you should steer clear of the sort of socially conscious work an Aquarius is known for, or the fiercely personal kind that Cancers make. Pick up abstract painting to calm the nerves, like Josef Albers (March 19). Perhaps you can make a series of video works, perform as a wacky character to step outside of yourself. Do what makes you feel good, Pisces, because it’s the only thing that will motivate you. Also, your natural benevolence finds you putting others before yourself. That’s great when you’re starting out, Pisces, but at some point you need to focus on your own career—and shake off the fear that comes from putting yourself out there. 

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